A Review on Vidraider!

You might have a lot of questions on what Vidraider is, or how it works. Maybe you want to know the launch price or what to expect in this launch package. I aim to answer your burning questions in this review! Check out the Vidraider demo/tutorial video below.

With VidRaider you can easily create high converting videos ads in minutes. Vidraider is a revolutionary web-based software that creates high quality video ads. VidRaider is a drag and drop platform for newbies or professionals to create video ads.


No technical or video creation experience required to make a professional video.


The VidRaider software is integrated with Unsplash and Pixabay which allow it to search for photos and videos without leaving the dashboard. Users can download the final video in MP4 format. VidRaider allows Unlimited Video Ads creation.


With VidRaider you can create impressive video ads in less than 60 seconds


VidRaider is the solution you need to create highly-converting mobile video ads. With the VidRaider software you you cut the learning curve by almost zero thanks to its drag-and-drop feature.


You can leverage the power of square videos that have proven to outperform landscape video. VidRaider is a fully cloud-based software and no installation required + at the same time you can access it from any device.

With VidRaider they have made it easy without dealing with all the headaches and frustrations from trying to master overwhelming video editing software.

This software makes video creation fun and is easy to understand and follow. You just need to know the features and within minutes you will be able to create a video that looks like it was made by a pro.

VidRaider PRO has slashed the learning curve down to almost ZERO. That means literally anyone can create square videos right away without spending days to master the software. Plus, this software is extremely user friendly so you can use all of its amazing features right away.

Recent research suggest that square videos make a bigger impact than other videos make sure you don’t miss out on leveraging its power with VidRaider.

  • Square videos have had results that show that they had a 30%-35% higher video view and an 80%-100% increase in engagement, when you compared them to landscape videos. About 75% of BuzzFeed’s most-shared videos covering over a one-month period were square. Data suggests that Square videos give 45% more engagement for 50% lower cost per click. Square video utilises up 78% more real estate in a person’s mobile newsfeed than does landscape video.

  • Facebook being one of the major marketing tools has shown that 92% of Facebook users are using mobile devices, and square videos (1:1) are perfectly suited for a smartphone screen.

  • It approximately costs 7.5% less for someone to engage with square video on Facebook and a huge 33% less to get someone to engage with square video on Instagram. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest currently display or use the square video technology. And YouTube has also adopted square videos format for displaying its mobile ads


VidRaider Launch Price and OTO (Benefits)

VidRaider OTO1, 2.PNG
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VidRaider Price.PNG

Check Out the DEMO/Tutorial Video Here!

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