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A Review on Stop Motion Suite!

You might have a lot of questions on what Stop Motion Suite is, or how it works. Maybe you want to know the launch price or what to expect in this launch package. I aim to answer your burning questions in this review! Check out the Stop Motion Suite demo/tutorial video below.

"StopMotionSuite is a cloud-based video creator that makes pro-looking stop motion videos that drive traffic and increase conversions."

You can pick from tons of DFY templates in local niches. From there you can edit them with the drag-n-drop editor or turn any previous video into a unique stop motion video by pasting a link or uploading a video.

With this new technology, you can create amazing stop-motion looking videos (these attract a lot of engagement on social media) from DFY templates or turn any existing or your own video into a unique stop motion looking one.


You can do this all with an easy-to-use drag-n-drop editor that allows you to custom stop motion effects, add text, emojis, CTAs, audio, and so much more!

Its so simple to start,You literally pick a stop motion template to use on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. These are ready made DFY stop motion videos in lots of the hottest local niches StopMotionSuite has put together (and general niches) for you to customize and make your own in minutes.

You can also upload your own video to turn into a stop motion one or add all sorts of stop motion effects. You can also add a YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram video link into the app and turn that into a stop motion video.

From here you then add text, emojis, images, logos, CTAs, and so much more. You drag/drop them into place on your video. from there you can use the video joiner and a splicer technology to trim your video to a length best suited to your needs.

Finally, when you have your creative video ready, click render and download the video. Buyers will be getting the Commercial Rights on the front end which simply means you can sell it for your desired price and you will be a sell stop motion effect services for previous videos.

Video Marketers can standout from the sea of ‘me-too’ looking videos with exceptional cool stop motion effect ones. You can drive more traffic and get more engagement with better-looking and well designed videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Affiliate Marketers can use a general template or turn a previous video into your very own affiliate marketing video to drive traffic from on social media networks like YouTube.


Local/Agency Marketers can use this as it comes comes with tons of hot local niche templates. You can quickly add your client’s logo, number, and text to them and sell for well over $500+.

A newbie or MMO StopMotionSuite is so unique it’s like a ‘biz-in-a-box’. You can sell your own quality products (stop motion videos) while finding clients fast on freelancing sites with no website, list, traffic you can focus on what you do best.

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Stop Motion Suite Launch Price and OTO (Benefits)

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Check Out the DEMO/Tutorial Video Here!

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